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File Encryption For Windows 7 Home Premium
09.03.2017 05:14

Be aware: The over discussed Gpg4Win is just 1 of the several entrance finishes available for GnuPG, and these allow you apply GnuPG in every thing from chat applications to scripts. Check out them all below.
Platform Availability: Several graphical entrance finishes for Windows, Mac OS X, Debian (Desktop) RPM, Android, VMS, RISC OS (Mobile & Other)
Cost: Free
four. Dekart Non-public Disk

Easy and easy to use, Dekart Private Disk is a sound application that can take care of all your information encryption needs. It functions on the dependable encrypted quantity idea, but also throws in some added goodies into the blend. As soon as you put in and run the software, you can access quite much each function of it through a singluar tabbed window, so things get actual simple.
The simple functioning requires generating encrypted volumes (called Personal Disks), which are encrypted making use of the AES-256 algorithm, and more secured employing user specified passwords. However, what actually sets Dekart Non-public Disk apart is its Disk Firewall characteristic. Generally, it prevents unauthorized packages from accessing the encrypted volumes (as nicely as the information stored on them), permitting only the applications whitelisted by the user to go via. Other goodies consist of encrypted backups, protected wiping of encrypted data, and the ability to get well encryption keys from password guarded backups.
Platform Availability: Windows ten, 8.one, eight, 7 and XP (Desktop)
Pricing: $65.00, thirty day trial obtainable
Down load
5. AxCrypt

Even although applications like VeraCrypt are incredible with their encrypted volumes and other fifty thousand functions, there are end users who don’t actually need all of that, and are just seeking for a something easy that can encrypt their documents and folders. If you’re amongst the great deal, you are heading to enjoy AxCrypt. Arguably the best to use encryption encryption application out there, AxCrypt can be utilised by just about absolutely everyone.
The UI consists of just 1 window getting two columns. The remaining column lists the drives and data files on your computer, organized in the familiar tree like composition, and lets you very easily look through to the files/folders you require to encrypt. Once you are there, proper simply click on the file/folder, and pick the Encrypt alternative. Following that, specify the encryption password, an optional keyfile, and you’re carried out. The decryption process is primarily identical, other than that you have to pick the Decrypt alternative from the context menu. AxCrypt employs the market accepted AES encryption algorithm, and also contains features like vehicle-encryption of modified data files, passphrase caching, and things like that. What is far more, it can also be employed as a moveable application.
Notice: The normal installer of AxCrypt consists of some bundled third-get together applications. Nevertheless, these can be very easily skipped throughout set up.
Platform Availability: Windows (Desktop)
Pricing: Cost-free
Down load
six. seven-Zip

You may possibly know seven-Zip as the small but powerful totally free archival program that supports a preposterous amount of formats, but it also has some sweet encryption goodness created into it, and that makes it all the way much more amazing. Primarily, seven-Zip can be used to produce password safeguarded archives, which are further secured with the AES-256 encryption normal.


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